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The Challenge

Tapping into the millions of active seekers, prospective students, or donors online requires one thing–you must play by Google’s rules. But in order to play by Google’s rules, you need good information. The rules can and do change often, and unless you’re an online marketing geek, you may not find out about the changes for several months–if ever. And trusting the wrong sources can kill your website. Many activities that the so-called gurus recommend can result in penalties that will cause your website to effectively disappear from the search engines.

The Solution

Here at True North Digital Marketing, our team works with one foot in the for-profit, business world, and one foot in the non-profit world. We work with business clients who depend on their online presence for most of their revenue, so we have to get it right. We bring that up-to-the-minute knowledge and experience to our non-profit clients, ensuring that you are not using some shady practice from 2014, but are playing by Google’s current rules.

Non-Profit Marketing

Marketing a non-profit organization is a bit different than marketing a for-profit business, even though most of the same principles apply. As a full-service agency, we can help you develop a marketing strategy from scratch, or we can create digital and print materials that support your existing marketing plan.



Content is king. But not just any content. Your content has to be fresh, engaging, and meet the expectations of your visitors. It’s also time-consuming to develop. Our professional content marketers can create compelling web pages with text and video that is relevant and engaging.

If you’re looking for donor-centric communications, we can tell your story in a way that motivates potential donors to take action and support your cause for years to come.

Web Design & Development

Your website’s main purpose is to target a well-defined¬†group of people, get them to visit the site, and motivate or inspire them to take specific actions. Our web development team knows how to create a user experience that enhances your mission and makes it as easy as possible to find what they are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s been said that “SEO is what happens when you do everything else right.” To a great extent, that’s true, although there are [still quite a few specific elements that affect your positioning in the search engine results.] The challenge is that the specific applications shift frequently, and it’s easy to fall behind.

Our team stays current so you don’t have to.

Want to make this happen with your website?