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About the Project

Simple Church is a worldwide house church network created to reach those that may never set foot in an actual church. They needed a new website to support their highly-involved leadership training and coaching program, and also to provide a mini search engine to help new and current users find house churches or start new ones.

The Challenge

User-friendliness was priority one for this new site, as different types of users need easy access to their corresponding tasks, inquiries, etc. But with so much information to present, and the need to present it in a progression that matched each user’s journey with Simple Church, significant content strategy and restructuring was needed. And it needed to be easily used from devices all around the world, with different levels of technology.

The Solution

A new WordPress front-end site was created to showcase this global network of small groups, and to provide its three primary calls-to-action: Find, Add, Train. All Simple Church’s content was reorganized to represent a new user’s journey through learning the program, and additional content was featured to give a general overview of this organization to new visitors.

Since their new website launch, Simple Church has hundreds more regular visits and shares and has also increased its donation activity.

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