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About the Project

This small-town private Christian school offers grades K-10 in a differentiated learning environment. Kids and parents alike have praised the caring faculty and staff that support the memorably positive learning experiences that happen on this campus. It is a stable, close-knit community that runs this school. But it remains a best-kept secret in the community.

The Challenge

Many prospective families in the Grants Pass area are not even aware this schooling option exists for their kids. The school’s website wasn’t showing up in local searches for schooling-related keywords.

Grants Pass School knew it needed to get the word out to these many parents that actively search online for alternatives to public school, smaller classrooms, attentive teachers, and other specific benefits of private schools. So they opted to optimize their website to attract more local search traffic.

The Solution

After getting to know Grants Pass School, more specific, targeted content was created to attract local keyword traffic by discussing several concerns of parents today. Compelling pictures were added, topical articles posted, and regular updates made. Teachers were introduced thoroughly and more programs described in their entirety. A combination of onsite and offsite SEO has now made it possible for more students and their families to connect with Grants Pass School.

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