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About the Project

This church knows that many people are searching for information on spiritual topics on their phones, tablets, etc. They wanted to make sure that these people can find those very answers they’re looking for, and also to know that there is a community of caring people waiting to receive them.

The Challenge

But how do you make a church website stand out in local (and even non-local) search traffic? The website didn’t start with much original content—it was boilerplate text from its content management system. The photos on the site were all stock photos, with only a few originals. What’s more, all the church’s programs and services content would need to be gathered from volunteers, who have day jobs and families and busy schedules—not a lot of time to put together web content!

The Solution

The church’s numerous programs and ministries in operation already seek to meet the needs of the community. It was all about asking each volunteer the right questions—easy questions—that could be tailored into descriptions, articles, or event information.

Vibrant descriptions now advertise each ministry and it’s goals, needs, and events. Original pictures are being added as events happen and new groups are formed. Testimonials and videos are being published. It was just a matter of moving the church’s conversations online.

Additionally, the church’s online map and location information was verified and optimized, and regular, continual posting of new content about the church’s events, activities and services allow more and more Googlers to find connection points to this organization.

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